'Blue Moon Roller' Product Deep Dive

'Blue Moon Roller' Product Deep Dive

This week we are featuring our ‘Blue Moon’ Roller in both the full spectrum and isolate versions as our Products of the Week!🙌 They are on special for 42% off*, and you can find them here: https://humblecollectivecbd.com/collections/product-of-the-week 

🌙Our Blue Moon Rollers are a bit notorious for what can only be described as a very distinctive smell - this natural odor comes from the potent herbal ingredient Valerian which makes the Blue Moon such a powerful natural sleep aid. You could say it’s the secret weapon giving this roller a little something extra! 

The Blue Moon Roller is a fan favorite for promoting better sleep (and is a great addition to a daily internal CBD oil). A preferred spot to apply this roller is to the bottom of your feet before bed where it is readily absorbed. 

Here’s a closer look at the rest of the ingredients:

🌿Lavender: Is naturally calming and soothing to the senses as well as pain relieving topically.

🌿Sweet Marjoram: contains calming properties that help relax emotions during stressful moments.

🌿Chamomile: Is calming and can help soothe anger and irritability.

🌿Bergamot: relaxes the body  and is a natural antidepressant. 

🌿Ylang Ylang: Is good for balancing and uplifting mood. 

🌿Sandalwood: helps relieve anxiety, stress and depression

🌿Key Lime: helps us slow down and find a sense of harmony and calm.

🌿Lime: promotes well-being and emotional balance.

🌿Vanilla: has a sweet and rich scent that instantly soothes the soul as it reminds us of baked goods. Vanilla also has a purity to it and is uplifting and relaxing to the senses.

👉Find the special here: https://humblecollectivecbd.com/collections/product-of-the-week 

*coupon codes do not apply while this product is on special

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