'Calming' CBD Tea: Deep Dive

'Calming' CBD Tea: Deep Dive

🌿This week we are featuring our Calming Tea. There’s nothing quite like brewing up a fragrant hot cup of tea when you are looking for a brief moment to yourself and some added self care. The Calming Tea is a blend of sweet Chamomile, Lavender and locally grown CBD hemp flower from Lucky Lady Farms in Bangor, Michigan. 

True to its name, this is a deeply relaxing blend of herbs with the added benefits of CBD flower. This is a great tea to unwind with, or right before bed. It’s also great during times of stress. 

🌼Lavender ~ While lavender smells amazing, it is also beneficial for mood disorders and may improve anxiety and depression. It can also improve sleep, soothe menstrual cramping, and improve skin health.

🌼Chamomile ~ Has long been sipped as a tea to improve nerve and sleep functions. It also may lower blood sugar, reduce menstrual pain, reduce inflammation and treat cold symptoms. 

🌼Hemp Flower ~ Reduces inflammation and pain, and may also reduce nausea, improve gastrointestinal health, ease anxiety and aid with better sleep.

🌿A Humble Collective classic, this is one of our original products. We have since expanded to offer a number of medicinal loose leaf teas blended with organically grown hemp. You can find our entire selection here: https://humblecollectivecbd.com/collections/loose-leaf-tea

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