CBD 101 Day 7: The Humble Collective Story

CBD 101 Day 7: The Humble Collective Story

Where did it all begin?

The origins of the Humble Collective began in December 2017 as ‘Humble Roots’ when Sarah Daubert began experimenting with making hemp products in her kitchen with the intention to share them with friends. She had a knowledge of cannabis medicine already, and while CBD was widely unknown at that time, Sarah understood its potential to help a lot of people. However, in 2017, CBD was both difficult to find and very overpriced, but she still had the desire to create products that were both all natural and still affordable to reach more people who truly needed it, and thus began the company.
Sarah asked her friends to try the products, and when they experienced tremendous results, she expanded to offer them to everyone, and from there, the company grew exponentially within months. People were drawn to Sarah’s down-to-earth spirit, no bs, and hands-on approach. Soon she was handcrafting over 30 different products with just a very small crew to meet the demand. The company followed the principles of natural, organic ingredients from high integrity farmers and sustainable sources, combined with healing plant medicine. See our Ingredient Sourcing page for more info about our suppliers and trusted partners.
As a mother, Sarah was already knowledgeable and conscious of the importance of ingredients and how every aspect of what we take in, put on our skin, etc, affects us and the health of our family. That’s why you will never see artificial colors, flavors, fragrances or toxic preservatives in our products. Everything that can go on the body is made of safe and all-natural, non-GMO ingredients, as is every ingestible CBD product.

How We Grew

The Humble Community grew, both on Facebook and through customers' glowing word-of-mouth feedback. People were experiencing truly inspirational results, which is the real reason for this company. Sarah and her crew are dedicated and committed to participating with their customers in a rare open and honest way. You can join the community on Facebook, the Humble Collective VIP Group, and ask any questions about CBD you have and participate in group discussions. You can also always reach out at hello@humblecollectivecbd.com with questions, and we are happy to make suggestions personally tailored to you. It is that extra touch, that something special, that really defines this company.

The First Retail Space Opened in Lawrence, MI

In July of 2021, Sarah and the Crew opened the Humble Collective’s first retail space in Lawrence, Michigan. Billed as a “modern apothecary” the retail store offers all the Humble products plus additional daily wellness items for the household (from cleaning products to healthy snacks) that are all made with clean and safe ingredients. It is from here that the main team works hard, producing the products and packaging and shipping out all the orders. It is also where they get to greet and interact with their wonderful customers in person!



Come Visit Us!

The Humble Crew welcomes you to come to the store at:

102 W Saint Joseph St

Lawrence, MI 49064


There’s nothing we’d love more than to answer any questions and help you pick out products in person! We also offer curbside pick up and local delivery.


The High Vibe Team

We now have 7 employees working over three different states! A big shout out to the Humble Team! It goes without saying it all couldn’t be done without this amazing group of dedicated individuals who are all friends and family at this point. High-vibe people make up a high-vibe business.


Advent of the Humble Alternative

In October of 2021, when Delta-8 THC became illegal to ship from Michigan, Sarah’s sister (and longtime employee) Grace, took over that side of the business in Nashville, Tennessee as the ‘Humble Alternative’. You can visit this sister site at https://humblealternative.com/.

Humble Alternative offers a variety of psychoactive THC products like gummies, lollipops, tinctures, smokables, chocolate & more! It's a one-stop shop for medicinal, dispensary-quality items that are legal to ship. 

Cannabinoids offered:

  • Delta-8 THC
  • Delta-9 THC
  • Delta-10 THC
  • HHC
  • THC-V
  • CBD


Now and the Future...

Since the beginning, the Humble Collective handcrafted their products fresh in small batches and everything is lab tested, and shipped out with a lot of care and love. Every sister company they carry is personally vetted, high-integrity, quality-stringent and another high-vibe business worth knowing.


The Humble Collective company has now spanned three states since its inception: starting out in Northern California, Humboldt; and then moving to Southern Oregon, Ashland; and then to Michigan (Sarah’s home state) where it operates from now. Sarah moved to a former Blueberry farm - turned cannabis farm - with her two small children and her husband. In the fall of 2022, Sarah’s husband (and master cannabis grower with over 10 years of industry experience) produced the very first harvest of hemp frown on their farm! This means even more direct farm-to-bottle and quality control - plus it’s a family business! We've since released several products made with our very own hemp such as our raw CBDA oil, herbal smoking blend, and our hemp flower


It’s safe to safe, that Sarah and the team will forever be innovating, updating and staying on the cutting edge of the industry. We are constantly introducing new products and finding new businesses with something unique to say. At the end of the day, these products flow from a group of tight-knit people who love working together, and helping others.

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