CBD Matcha Green Tea: Product of the Week Deep Dive

CBD Matcha Green Tea: Product of the Week Deep Dive

Back at last, and with twice the amount of CBD! This week we are featuring the CBD Matcha Green Tea 🍵as our Product of the Week on special for only $6*, and you can find it here: https://humblecollectivecbd.com/collections/product-of-the-week 

Our CBD Matcha is a modern revival of an ancient practice. Traditionally, Matcha is the only tea used in the Japanese Tea Ceremony, and Matcha is always the best green tea leaves, typically grown for four weeks in shade before harvesting. Matcha is also more beneficial than drinking brewed green tea, as Matcha is the whole and powdered leaves of the Green Tea plant - meaning all of its benefits go to you! 

There’s a lot to love about CBD Matcha:


🌿It’s antioxidant rich: it fights free-radicals in the system and helps to protect against cellular damage

🌿It’s full of chlorophyll, a natural detoxifier

🌿It contains amino acids, including the stress-reducing L-theanine

🌿It gives gentle energy without the jitteriness of coffee

🌿Plus you get all the added benefits of CBD in your cup! Matcha for the win! 


How do you make the perfect cup of Matcha? 🍵While a bamboo whisk (called a “Chasen”) and matcha tea bowl (called a “Chawan”) are nice to have, they are not essential. You can use a regular whisk to fluff up and foam your Matcha (or an electric foamer works perfectly too!). Once you’ve created your Matcha base, add some hot milk (we love oat milk) and sweetener of your choice (honey pairs perfectly), and enjoy!💚

Matcha is also great to use in cooking recipes, and colors food green naturally! (Matcha cookies anyone?)

*Coupon codes do not apply while product is on special

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