#CBD101 Day 2: CBD Myths and Misconceptions

It has been very frustrating to see so much misinformation about hemp perpetuated on the internet over the past few years. Lets recap and debunk the most prevalent ones floating around out there:
Myth #1: Hemp is a male cannabis plant.
This rumor has been flying for years and years. This is simply false. Hemp and cannabis are essentially the same plant- hemp is just the legal distinction for strains of the cannabis plant that have less than 0.3% THC content. Both hemp and cannabis plants can be male or female- with the females producing the flower that contains the vast majority of beneficial cannabinoids while males produce pollen and have little cannabinoid content.
Myth #2: CBD is “not as strong as THC” or is like a “diet weed”
There is another misconception that CBD is a weaker version of THC, and if you want something “stronger” you should go with THC. In reality, CBD and THC are totally different cannabinoids that are used to treat different ailments.
Myth #3: CBD is illegal.
In 2018, there was a bill that passed that federally legalized hemp products as long as they are under .3% THC content by weight. You do not need a medical cannabis card to purchase CBD products in the United States and products are able to be shipped to all 50 states.
Myth #4: Hempseed oil or hemp hearts contain CBD.
All sorts of hemp products are super beneficial for your health, but hempseed oil and hemp seeds themselves do not contain any detectable amount of cannabinoids.
Myth #5: CBD can get you high.
CBD itself is non-psychoactive and cannot get you high. Even full spectrum CBD products with a minimal amount of THC in it do not contain enough to get you high in normal doses. Some people can get euphoric or so relaxed that it may seem to give a little “high” feeling. A small percentage of people could be sensitive to the minimal amount of THC in full spectrum products, but it is rare.
Have you heard any other whacky things about CBD or Hemp that had you scratching your head?? Let us know!

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