Common Ailments & Natural Remedies, Part 1

Common Ailments & Natural Remedies, Part 1

Looking to support your body's best health in a natural way? Here's a general reference for common ailments and their natural solutions. We have everything from your favorite Humble products to everyday household items that can help reset & heal you without having to hit the pharmacy. The biggest bonus too, is that all of our natural solutions are 100% non-toxic and plant-based.



To help counteract burns, you want to reduce inflammation and heal skin using very gentle ingredients, such as:

  • Aloe (always keep a plant growing at home! It's 100% better than a gel from the store where aloe is one of many ingredients along with preservatives!!)
  • Calendula - the ultimate healer, helps reduce redness & encourages healing
  • CBD - brings down redness & inflammation & reduces pain during healing

Recommended products for burns/sunburns:


Not all plants are safe to use on broken skin, so you need to be cautious. However, there are many common plants (some probably growing in your backyard!) which are amazing natural remedies with antibacterial and wound-healing qualities to help treat minor cuts & scrapes.

  • Plantain - not to be confused with bananas, you have likely seen this "weed" growing in your yard. It is one of nature's wonders: it helps to draw out stings, bites, toxins & pain from a wound and also assists the healing process
  • Lavender - safe to use on broken skin, lavender is naturally antibacterial and antimicrobial
  • Colloidal SilverUntil modern antibiotics were formulated and widely distributed, Colloidal Silver was the original source of antibacterial medicine used by physicians across the world.

Recommended products for Cuts/Scrapes: 

Immunity Boosting:

These plants help boost your body's ability to fight infection and get over a cold quicker!

  • Elderberries - a staple for keeping immune function high, this is great to take when weather cools down and also when infection hits
  • Echinacea - stimulates the immune system and helps your body fight the good fight! 
  • Garlic - the more of this you can eat raw the better! Garlic is antimicrobial, antibacterial and antifungal

Recommended products for Immunity Boosting:

Digestive Issues:

Soothe & calm belly issues such as gas and bloating, promote healthy digestion and ease discomfort with these natural herbs & products!

  • Peppermint - soothes the intestines, relieves abdominal pain, and reduces bloating
  • Ginger - helps relieve nausea and morning sickness & treats chronic indigestion helping the stomach to empty quicker
  • CBG - this cannabinoid in particular is showing a lot of promise to help ease stomach issues (along with Full Spectrum CBD)

Recommended products for Digestive Issues: 

Sleep Issues:

Just about all of us could use better sleep, amirite? Relax body, mind and muscles to achieve a deep and restful night's sleep. Here are our natural wellness hacks - none of which are habit forming and all of which are highly effective:

  • Valerian - a powerful natural sleep aid, Valerian is nature's Valium.
  • Passion flower - deeply relaxing for both mind & body without any grogginess the next day
  • Magnesium - most of us are deficient in this mineral which is especially good in relaxing muscles for better sleep
  • CBN - this cannabinoid in particular is known for its sleep-inducing qualities (CBD/THC are also excellent for a good night's sleep)

Recommended products for Sleep Issues: 


Stress & anxiety are prevalent today! These herbal warriors help you keep calm & carry on with your life. 

  • Ashwagandha - an adaptogenic herb that may help reduce stress, improve adrenal function & more, best taken daily for efficacy
  • Lemon Balm - an herbal healer that helps reduce anxiety and stress & boost cognitive function
  • CBD/CBG - both are supportive cannabinoids to help the body calm down and return to a balanced state

Recommended products for Anxiety: 

These miraculous plants often have more than one application and can help more than one issue at a time! This reference is a great place to start, however, with building your natural medicine cabinet at home. Humble has many more product options & solutions to each of these aillents, so if you would like us to tailor suggestions just for you, please feel free to reach out to us at🌿❤️


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