DAY 4: Alternate Cannabinoids

DAY 4: Alternate Cannabinoids


While CBD and THC are definitely the most well known cannabinoids (the medicinal parts of hemp and cannabis), there are many others that are getting more attention as education about hemp and cannabis grows. Let's dive into some other cannabinoids.

CBG: This is very similar to CBD, but with some notable differences. Recently there has been a lot of research proving CBG is notably great for digestive and stomach issues, and users note that it gives you a more uplifting and focused feeling versus CBD. Non-psychoactive.

Delta-9 THC: CBD’s psychoactive cousin, the main component in cannabis. It has been researched to be great for pain, anxiety, seizures, and dozens of other conditions. This can only be purchased in states where cannabis is legal and unable to be shipped.

CBDA: This is the precursor to CBD, but in its raw form. CBD is obtained by adding a low heat to CBDA to chemically change it. CBDA is notably great for reducing inflammation.

CBN: CBN has gained a lot of attention lately for being specifically good to induce a restful sleep. Usually found in blends along with CBD.

Delta 8 THC/ Delta 10: While technically legal under the farm bill, this is a psychoactive isomer of CBD. This is lab-created by using a chemical process to change CBD to entirely new cannabinoids, although Delta 8/10 is naturally occurring in hemp and cannabis in low amounts. Most notable effects reported are helping with pain and sleep. Check your state's laws and only purchase through reputable companies.

What cannabinoid should you use? CBD is always a great place to start! Getting sample sizes of alternate cannabinoid blends is also an affordable way to experiment and find what works best for you and what you are trying to treat.

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