DIY Home Facial with CBD

Sunday is a great time for a little self-care, so here are our recommendations to use some Humble products for an at-home DIY facial! Feel free to sub and mix it up according to your preference or what’s available. I will be using:
🌼Facial Serum
🌼Cleansing Clay (
🌼Raw Honey
🌼Radiant Face Oil (
🌼Wash Cloth
🌼Lavender Essential Oil
🌼Two small bowls and 1 large bowl
First, boil some water and brew up some Calming Tea in a large bowl which will be your facial water basin/steam. The Calming Tea contains herbs which are beneficial to apply topically, so this is a great multi-use product! Add 2-4 drops of Lavender Oil to the basin as well if desired, and remove the Calming Tea bag. Once it’s cool enough to handle (but still hot!) use your wash cloth in the Calming water and apply compresses to your face.
In your small bowls: mix up 1 Tbl of raw honey with 1 dropper full of facial serum: this will be your exfoliant mask! Apply to skin and massage gently in circles and leave on for 2-5 minutes before rinsing with the Calming Water.
In another bowl: mix up 1 dropper full of facial serum with 2 tsp of Cleansing clay and just enough Calming water to make a paste: this is your detoxifying mask. Apply to skin and allow to dry before rinsing off with the Calming Water.
Finish with several drops of Radiant Face Oil on a still damp face. Your skin should look and smell amazing!!
Let us know if you get a chance to try this regime, and what you think of it! Happy Sunday!

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