Humble Collective Full Spectrum Oil: Deep Dive

🌿The featured product of the week is fittingly our Humble Collective full spectrum oil! 👏 
Some fast facts about our famous oil:
❤ This is our best selling and most popular product - by far.
❤ Our full spectrum oil is extracted with clean CO2, no harsh solvents or chemicals are used in processing it.
❤ Unlike a lot of other brands, all of the hemp used in our full spectrum oil is sourced from one single farm.
❤ Also uniquely to our brand, this oil is extracted in small batches of around 10lbs of hemp, whereas lots of bigger companies process hundreds of pounds of hemp at a time. This produces a boutique oil that has a clean, crisp flavor, varied cannabinoid profile and lots of terpenes and flavinoids in tact.
❤ This oil is 110% organically grown; no pesticides or chemical fertilizers are used on the hemp ever.
❤ The organic hemp is grown under the sun and in the rich soil of Southern Oregon, one of best climates to grow cannabis and hemp in the US.
❤ The finished oil is only two ingredients, the full spectrum hemp oil diluted with organic MCT coconut oil for ease of dosing.
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