Knock Yo' Chocs Off - Product of the Week Deep Dive

☕All of our hot chocolate mixes are delicious, which one do you prefer?? The Pumpkin Spice and Peppermint are both seasonal flavors only available until they sell-out!  Each Hot Chocolate Mix is made with a whopping 200 mg of CBD (or CBG/CBD combo) per serving/package (over six times stronger than our regular Hot Chocolate)! It’s an extra rich and dark drinking chocolate perfect for some extra self-care! We recommend making it with a milk that contains a fat (regular or nut milk will do) to help your body best absorb and utilize the CBD. You can also choose to just add a spoonful to your morning coffee for a medicated mocha. 

☕Dark chocolate is antioxidant rich with a myriad of health benefits including potentially improving blood flow and lowering blood pressure, and boosting serotonin. 

☕These natural, rich (and pretty darn healthy!) mixes are positively delightful, and just what you want to sip on a cold night! They are also THC-free and made with fair trade cocoa for the win! 


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