Product of the Week Deep Dive: Full Spectrum CBD Gummies

Product of the Week Deep Dive: Full Spectrum CBD Gummies

This week we are featuring the Humble Full Spectrum C B D Gummies as our Product of the Week on special for 35% off, and you can find them here: 

These gummies are custom made for us, so you know they are the best of the best, at an affordable price! 

These gummies are not only tasty, but an easy way to get a pre-measured dose of C B D. While many conventional brands of gummies contain all kinds of bad ingredients, our gummies are made with:

No Dyes (why would you ever poison medicine with dyes is what I want to know!)

No Artificial Flavors

No undisclosed 'Natural Flavors'- why is this important?! Natural flavors can literally be from anything, including beavers anal glands (seriously Google it) Not all natural flavoring is bad but I would much prefer to know every single ingredient.

No funky preservatives

These are made with fruit and vegetable derived colors, 100% vegan and organic, and flavored with real fruit concentrates! These have an amazing texture and flavor. They will be on special through Sunday night 5/8.

*coupon codes do not apply while product is on special

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