Product of the Week: 'I Am...Focused' Kid-Friendly Roller

Product of the Week: 'I Am...Focused' Kid-Friendly Roller

➡️Our ‘Product of the Week’ is the ‘I Am…Focused’ Roller from our Humble Kids line (although it’s good for kids and adults alike)! It will be on special for $7.77* all week long, and you can find it here:

All proceeds go to supporting the children's education at the Humble Academy in Lawrence, Michigan.

➡️The newest roller in the Humble Kids line, "I Am... Focused" is completely CBD and THC free and all of the oils in it are safe to use on children two years of age and older! The essential oils were blended in house by our new staff aromatherapist, and most importantly, all of the proceeds from this roller will go to support The Humble Academy Microschool, a passion project of Sarah’s (the owner of the Humble Collective, in case ‘ya didn't know ).

➡️A bit about this essential oil blend: This roller is designed to help children (or adults!) focus. A perfect natural tool to have on hand to help kids during their homework, while they are cleaning their rooms or working on another difficult task. It's also a great support to children who may have difficulties paying attention and listening. This scent is earthy and woodsy, and is very grounding!

Sarah has been both a full time mom and owner of the business since its inception, and she wanted to create a community-driven educational program for not only her sons but for others as well. Sarah as well as two other Humble employees needed an alternative schooling option, and homeschool is difficult for these busy working moms. So this new idea was formed! Local families will share the costs of a teacher, with a one-room schoolhouse concept, putting the emphasis on nature and practical life skills that are often lost in a traditional curriculum.

The school will be entirely parent funded, so we are doing some fundraising to help with the startup costs of building the school from scratch. We hope you will support us in this next endeavor and enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy for you and your child!

➡️Find this fantastic new addition here: 

*coupon codes do not apply to this item while on special

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How long typically does this roll on stay on for the focus? When does this roll on of this item usually take a effect on a child of 5 years old?


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