'Protection' CBD Essential Oil Roller: Deep Dive

'Protection' CBD Essential Oil Roller: Deep Dive

🌿The special combination of essential oils used in our Protection Roller is an old remedy for fighting bacteria and illness. It stems from the time of the Bubonic Plague (1413), when doctors would coat their masks in this powerful combo of six essential oils. While they did not understand germs like we do today, they knew it improved their chance of staying healthy and survival. Today, we have the science to back up the claims that certain essential oils can boost the immune system and are naturally antibacterial, antimicrobial and antiviral. 

🌿This combo of lemon, clove, eucalyptus, cinnamon, cassia and rosemary is called the “Thieves” blend and you will see it in natural cleaning products as well. It is called the “Thieves” blend as its uses were discovered by perfume and spice merchants desperate for income when the ports closed during the plague, who turned to thieving from the dead and dying to survive. When they were at last caught for their crimes they revealed the secret to their success: rubbing this blend of oils on their temples, hands, ears, feet and masks before entering an infected area. From then on, doctors treating the sick imitated this practice. The beak-like masks from that era were stuffed with cloth saturated with the “Thieves” blend. Today, with our frequent mask-wearing, a good natural option to boost your own immune system is to apply some Protection on the inside of your facial mask. 

🌿Protection is our original formula for boosting the immune system, maintaining strong health, and maybe even protecting against any energy-vampires in your life. This roller also contains amethyst crystals which may enhance the immune system, improve endocrine function, reduce headaches and promote serenity and calm... among other potential health benefits. The only change from our original formula is that this roller contains twice the amount of anti-inflammatory CBD. This roller is a must for flu season and our current times!

👉You can check it out here: https://humblecollectivecbd.com/collections/thc-free-rollers/products/protection-thc-free-roller-100-mg-cbd-10-ml

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