'Stay Grounded' CBD Essential Oil Roller Product Deep Dive

'Stay Grounded' CBD Essential Oil Roller Product Deep Dive

🌳This week we are featuring the ‘Stay Grounded’ CBD Essential Oil Roller as our ‘Product of the Week’ on special for only $6*, and you can find it here: https://bit.ly/3MQWkx6 

🌳This is a brand NEW essential oil blend! 'Stay Grounded' is a rich, woods-y blend that will help calm racing thoughts and keep you grounded. You could use this to help bring you back down to earth when you just can't seem to stop worrying or overthinking. 

🌳Here’s a closer look at the medicinal ingredients: 

🌿Palo Santo - is used for purifying energetic spaces as well as the mind. It is calming to the nervous system, can reduce feelings of anxiety and may brighten mood. It is also antimicrobial.

🌿Vetiver - contains sesquiterpenes, which elicit many grounding properties. Vetiver can help calm and ground anxious feelings and stressed-out nerves and soothe emotions. 

🌿Clary Sage - helps with stress reduction, calms the mind and reduces feelings of anxiety. It also has antibacterial and antidepressant qualities. It can even help lower blood pressure. 

🌿Frankincense Resin - (this may appear like white flakes in the roller) which can help alleviate anxiety and depression. It also promotes feelings of relaxation and peace and has antibacterial properties. 

🌳The perfect roller to keep by your side for stress relief! Special ends on Sunday 3/20, check out this new roller now: https://bit.ly/3MQWkx6 

*coupon codes do not apply while this product is on special

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