The Nature of Adaptogens

The Nature of Adaptogens

Adaptogens are natural substances which have been studied and discovered to have stress-balancing effects on the physiological state.🧘 Adaptogens can be roots, berries, plants or mushrooms, but they have all been researched and determined to have these same awesome capabilities.✨


👉Here’s a list of Primary Adaptogens (meaning adaptogens with the most extensive scientific research to support their benefits): 






🌿Holy Basil



🌿Schisandra Berries



There are also Secondary Adaptogens, many more of which have adaptogenic properties, but not as extensive research completed yet (although the results speak for themselves!). Some of our favorites include:





🌿Dang shen

🌿Lion’s Mane







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🌿Adaptogens work best & are most effective when taken in small amounts daily. You can ingest them in tinctures, teas, drink mixes, edibles or prepared food. You can also use them topically! 


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🌿The benefits of each working to enhance the effects of the other.🙌


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