Trouble Sleeping? Natural Wellness Solutions

Trouble Sleeping? Natural Wellness Solutions

Trouble sleeping? We’ve got you covered. Sleep is one of the top issues that CBD can help with.💤

Humans spend ⅓ of their lives sleeping, but 1 in 3 adults do not get enough sleep on a daily basis.😪 Sleep is vital for our daily cognitive function. It is also when our bodies have a chance to repair and renew, and yes, quality counts!

🌙Here are our top picks for getting a better night’s sleep:

  • ‘Rest & Repair’ PM Gummies (take one a half an hour before bed)
  • Full Spectrum CBD Oil (take a dropperful before bed):
  • Try 'Sweet Dreams' Herbal CBD/CBN Oil
  • Humble Collective 1000mg 
  • ‘Calm’ CBD Oil with adaptogens & botanicals

  • ‘Blue Moon’ or ‘Sleepytime’ Rollers: apply to the bottom of feet before bedtime - trust us!
  • 'Sweet Dreams' Magnesium CBD Lotion: Most of us are deficient in Magnesium, and adding some to your routine will bring on all the sweet dreams and full body relaxation! 

  • 💤Find all of these suggestions in our ‘Sleep Issues’ category on the site here: 

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