What Does CBD Oil Taste Like? Plus, Tips to Make It Easier to Take!

I've seen a lot of chatter about this the past few days, and I wanted to clarify and expand upon some things about the flavor of the oils!
Our unflavored Isolate CBD Oil pretty much tastes like coconut oil. CBD isolate is the pure CBD crystals, it's basically tasteless and odorless. The Citrus version adds a nice, light lemon/orange taste to it. Spearmint flavor is refreshing and clean. We use high quality, natural oils to flavor all of our CBD oils. 
Our unflavored Full Spectrum CBD Oil tastes like cannabis. Since it's a full plant extract, it tastes plant-y and earthy and well, like cannabis. The Citrus and Spearmint flavor help to cut the flavor, but they do not completely cover the hemp-y taste. 
Can't take the flavor? Not a problem!
We've got a ton of suggestions on how to make it easier to take:
🌿 Sucking on a mint at the same time as you dose it under your tongue. I've heard this actually increases the saliva in your mouth which can make the CBD absorb faster.
🌿  Adding it to food or drink. This will make the onset slower than taking sublingually but still a great way to dose.
🌿 Taking a shot of juice after taking it.
🌿 Adding it to empty capsules is probably the ultimate way to never taste it. Super easy, just drop your dosage in and swallow. You can find empty vegetarian capsules for sale online easily. 
🌿 Adding more flavoring of your choice.
Most people report that the taste doesn't bother them so much after a few days, especially if they're experiencing benefits from it. If your body is associating the taste with relief, it will definitely assimilate to it faster!
And then there is some people, like myself, who just LOVE the unflavored taste of the full spectrum oil! 🙌 I like that it tastes exactly how it should, like the whole cannabis plant. 🌿

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