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Delta-8 Announcement

This summer, Michigan passed a law to ban sales of Delta-8 THC, which goes into effect October 11th. We have cleared out all of our Delta-8 inventory and will no longer be selling or shipping it from the Humble Collective which is based in Lawrence, Michigan. 

But do not fret! We have been preparing an alternate plan for months!
Mid-October, my sister and long-time Humble Collective employee, Grace, will be launching our spinoff business, called Humble Alternative. Humble Alternative is based in Nashville, Tennessee where Delta-8 is legal to ship and sell. All your favorite Delta products and SO MUCH more will be in our new sister business launch coming soon! 
Check out the new website and join our newsletter for updates on the grand opening! 
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Thank you all for your support during this transition! We are so excited to provide all your Delta-8 needs through Humble Alternative! <3 


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