An announcement from our founder...

Moral of the message if you're short on time: while it seems like prices are rising on everything lately, we are deciding to instead lower our prices substantially to maximize our reach. Scroll down to get the coupon code!

Hi, Sarah here, owner and founder of this Humble business. ๐Ÿ‘‹ When I first started Humble Roots (now the Humble Collective) in 2017, the CBD scene was like the Wild West. There was little competition, no oversight, in a gray area legally and the prices were sky high. I entered the arena with a different vision than most of my competitors: I recognized the incredible healing power of hemp and wanted to offer the best quality products at the lowest possible prices. The simple way we quickly achieved success โ€“ besides crafting wildly effective products that our customers love to share about!๐Ÿ˜˜โ€“ was offering them at a substantially lower price than our competitors at the time.ย 

From our Humble beginnings to the present, we've had quite a tale to tell. We've been in business 5 years, have grossed millions of dollars in sales and most importantly, have reached tens of thousands of people. We have opened a retail store and a second spinoff business for our Delta-8 items, begun farming our own hemp in our home state of Michigan, and have built a team of 6 wonderful ladies working with me. We've also had our fair share of hardships, including a failed business partnership that caused us to rebuild entirely from the ground up, a cross country move, packages seized by USPS and credit card accounts being shut down before hemp was fully legalized by the 2018 farm bill, and the continuing discrimination in banking and advertising that inhibit exposure and growth.

I'm humbly proud of what we've accomplished, and I truly owe it all to my wonderful customers.

I've prayed and pondered for these past few months about what direction to take my business as the landscape continues to shift since our inception in 2017. Times are tough. Inflation is out of control. Supply costs have increased. The salaries I pay my employees aren't going as far for them anymore. Sales have slowed and I'm keenly aware that some people are unable to afford their medicine from us they've come to rely upon. We are seeing more people hold off on ordering until we offer bigger discounts to stretch their hard earned money โ€“ which gave me an idea.

I'm taking a page out of my 2017 playbook, recalling our original "business plan" - that I say jokingly because I had no plan, but I had a mission. And having a solid business mission is what keeps us charging forward with our chin up, through the ups and downs. We still see the incredible healing power of hemp and will continue to try to touch as many people as we can.ย 

We are going to double down on our business strategy that has done well for us so far: prioritizing the *quantity* of orders over profitability. In other words, we'd rather have less profit by lowering our prices, which will naturally bring in more orders - rather than higher prices (and more profit) butttt fewer orders.ย 

Since we produce most of the products we sell ourselves, we are able to negotiate better prices on bulk supplies, which in turn helps us keep prices low. We are fortunate to be a debt free company with low overhead, and have no investors to answer to. I have always instead invested back into our customers โ€“ by adding on a rewards program and affiliate program this past year, instead of spending that money on an advertising campaign or fancy packaging. And at this point financially, as long as the business is breaking even but maintaining growth and sales, I'll be 110% content. Lowering my tax burden might also be a nice change ๐Ÿ˜œ.ย  My priorities will always lie in keeping my staff employed at a living wage, using the best ingredients and being able to collaborate with and support other small businesses.ย 

We've always offered a long-standing 25% off discount code, but starting today and continuing until we are unable to financially sustain it, we are increasing that discount to 40%. Consider it the new family discount code now, because you all are truly my Humble family. We haven't raised our prices in 5 years and will commit to keeping them the same until we are financially unable to.ย 

And let me just interject โ€“ I entirely understand why some businesses are raising their prices. I will continue to support my favorite businesses as they face hard financial decisions based on the economic climate. I am aware that lowering prices when costs are increasing is an unusual business strategy. I have 6 employees that depend on a paycheck and thousands of customers that depend on the medicine we make. We have accepted a big responsibility which means making bold decisions and being able to adapt to a changing world.ย 

While our new family discount code will be sticking around for a while, we are closing out some items and offering some deep discounts forย Labor Day weekend, as well as releasing the first batch of tester oil that was 100% grown and extracted by us! You can see all the details here.

So much love to my Humble family!!! Thank you for continuing to #sharetheCBDlove and supporting our mission and families!

Love always,ย