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'Awake' CBD Oil: Various Sizes
'Awake' CBD Oil: Various Sizes
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, 'Awake' CBD Oil: Various Sizes

'Awake' CBD Oil: Various Sizes

Wild Herb Botanicals
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From Wild Herb Botanicals in Southern Oregon:

Daily. Ritual. Wellness.

A Daily Wellness Tincture of Full Spectrum CBD + adaptogenic botanicals.  

A daily use CBD and adaptogenic blend designed to keep you in fighting form to face your daily stressors with as much mental and physical acuity as possible.  Awake contains 500 mg of full spectrum CBD per ounce as well as all-organic Green Tea, Golden Ginkgo and Schisandra Berries to boost mental performance and give you sustained and balanced natural energy.  

 Available in full size (30 mL) and sample size (7.5 mL)

Ingredients:  *MCT coconut oil, *Green Tea, *Golden Fall Gingko Leaf, *Schisandra Berries, *Hemp Extract, Vitamin E from Soy Sources.  *=Organic

Directions:  Shake before use, and drop under tongue and hold for 60 seconds before swallowing.  This is the quickest, most direct way to take your tincture, but feel free to add it to your morning latte, Golden Milk, Chai or in a smoothie if you prefer. 

Each drop of AWAKE contains: .84 mg CBD

1 ml contains: 16.7 mg CBD (about one dropper full)

Each bottle contains: 500 mg total  

How to begin taking a CBD Tincture: We suggest you start low and slow:  2-3 drops, 2-3 times daily, and gradually increase (every few days/week) until you experience a relief in your symptoms.  A variety of factors will affect your individualized dose including weight, metabolism and the symptoms you are treating.  Be consistent; it can take up to four weeks to feel the full effects of CBD.  A general dose is 15-30 mg/day, but your unique dose may be more or less, so listen to your body!  If you are taking more than one kind of tincture:  you may choose to split your dose and take half of one kind in the AM and the other in the PM.  This product comes with a safety seal and a measured dropper. 

Third Party Lab Results

*This product does not contain more than .3% THC.


Our Products are made from 100% natural plant and botanical sources and variation in color, scent and taste can occur between batches and is entirely normal! ALWAYS SHAKE your product before use, and store upright in a cool, dark place to prolong life and ensure even dosing every time.


Caution: Keep out of reach of children.  Consult your physician before use.  Do not take if pregnant or nursing.  The statements about these products have not been evaluated by the FDA; these products are not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease.  Does not contain more than .3% THC.