Elderflower CBD Whipped Body Butter: Various Sizes

Elderflower CBD Whipped Body Butter: Various Sizes

Herbal Elderberry Tonic
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**This product may melt at temperatures of 89° or more, so please be sure to remove packages from hot mailboxes promptly. We are not responsible for any items that arrive melted. Thank you. 

Whipped Raw Shea, Infused with elderflower extraction, and 100mg CBD isolate per oz & garnished with a mystery crystal!

Available in 2 oz and 4 oz sizes

Ingredients: *Raw Shea butter, *Elderfower Extract (*elderflower, *jojoba oil, *rose hip oil), *MCT oil, CBD isolate.
What is it good for, you ask?
This Shea butter is whipped, but still unrefined & raw which is arguably one of the best topical treatments for skin conditions such a eczema & psoriasis. Providing relief from itching & peeling skin. Great for dry hands, feet, and joints! Can be used as a deep conditioning hair treatment, cuticle cream, on your lips, and so much more!
Elderflower is great for anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, anti-viral, and anti-bacterial properties! Reduces pain and swelling in joints from arthritis, and is Proven to kill many common hospital pathogens including staph & MRSA.
The Elderflowers are extracted in a mixture of jojoba & rose hip oil. These oils are both deeply hydrating, boosts collagen, reduces inflammation, reduces hyperpigmentation, brightens skin, softens wrinkles, and protects against sun damage.
Also Naturally SPF of 6-10.
Andddd, of course the list of benefits for CBD.
Basically a power-packed tin of healing for all skin types. No essential oils were added, it has a light, nutty & slightly sweet scent!

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Miri H
Love this stuff

I wish I could immerse my whole body in this amazing cream!

Fran Russell

Very pleased with feel, texture and overall lasting benefit it gives, as my birthday is in may the pretty stone was green made me smile

I love this so much!

This is such a moisturizing product. I love using it all over my body but especially on the super dry areas such as my hands. I love the light floral elderflower scent as well, its unique and feels special. The added CBD and the mystery crystal are also great aspects of this product. I love this body butter for so many reasons!

Smooth like butter

Well it's Shea butter. It's solid at 1st, but once applied it does liquefy and feels great. The smell/scent is a bit strong for my liking, but it didn't stop me from using it. I applied it on my inflamed skin with eczema... it slightly stung that area; again didn't stop me from nourishing my skin. I now rotate it with the healing salve. Absolutely amazing

Shauna Jordan
So wonderful!

I am so in love with this whipped butter! Living in MN we have cold weather which equals dry hands. This is a skin saver! The little crystal in the middle is super awesome too!