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Humble Collective CBD

'Farm Fresh 420 Collection' April Box

'Farm Fresh 420 Collection' April Box

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This box is straight from the Humble Farm! Grown under the sun organically, and processed in small batches by our Master Grower, this box is a truly unique experience only available to our customers. 


Main Box: Nearly a $80 value for just $35 buckaroos

  • Hemp Terpene Inhaler - Get a discreet, uplifting whiff of our concentrated hemp terpenes, which is basically the essential oils of the plant. Terpenes are powerful medicine, and we expect these terpenes to have an individual effect for each person, similar to CBD. To me, it feels like I’m transported back to a hemp field in the peak of summer, fully enveloped by the high vibes and energy of the medicine. ($5 Value)

  • Hemp Butter Salve (200mg CBDA/CBD, 1 oz) - This is such a unique and special product, available to us only because we (or rather my master grower husband!) handled the entire hemp growing process from seed to extraction. There is a solid wax/fat that is a by-product of oil extraction that is usually filtered out and disposed of. My husband says when he had previously been making THC oil, these solid fats were not ideal for smoking and vaping and were purposely filtered and discarded. But I told him, KEEP IT ALL! I will use it to make salves! This is such a creamy, nourishing, and rich waxy/buttery type of consistency. We combined it with a strong infusion of arnica and comfrey root, which are great to relieve joint pain, inflammation, nerve pain and bruising or swelling. Plus a powerful blend of essential oils to top off the healing goodness. ($15 Value)

Ingredients: Hemp Butter, Organic Hempseed Oil, Organic Sunflower and Olive infused Arnica oil, Organic Comfrey Root, Organic Beeswax, Organic Essential Oils of: Frankincense, Copaiba, Lemongrass, Cedarwood.

  • 4 Pack Sampler Flight of our newest Farm-to-Bottle oils! ($57 value)

In 2022, my master grower husband switched his primary focus from cannabis to hemp and we grew our first crop on our Michigan homestead. He has always grown consciously, using living soil methods which integrate probiotic rich soil, beneficial insects for pest control and organic amendments. We grew nearly 1000 plants of 7 different strains, and then spent the winter perfecting the extraction of the oil. The result is truly small batch, intentionally crafted oil. Our 420 sale will see the release of most of our oil blends we have been working so hard on, in 30ml bottles and sample sizes, and also in sample flights such as this! You will be the first to try these high vibe oils with your box pre-order!

In our first sampler flight (packaged in a box together) with four 5-ml bottles. Each bottle is around 10-15 doses each. (Final lab test are pending for these blends so the breakdown may vary slightly from the final product)

  1. Our “Everyday CBD” oil blend. This is a mix of all 7 strains we grew into one bottle. This is comparable in efficacy to our OG Full Spectrum Oil. This contains 1000mg of CBD per 1oz.
  2. Our CBDA Blend. This is a 3:1 blend of CBDA plus a tad bit of CBGA too. This is a fan favorite, slightly reformulated. 600CBDA/200CBD/200 CBGA/CBG per 1oz
  3. Our CBGA Blend. This is made entirely from our farm grown CBGA White Flower. This is a rare strain that is 15% CBG and 2% CBD, yielding a full spectrum CBGA oil. Lab test are pending on this blend but we expect it to be 700CBGA/200/CBG/100CBDA per 1oz.
  4. Its hard to pick a favorite strain that we grew, each was so unique and diverse. I chose Lifter to include as the strain specific blend to include in this tester flight because it has always been a primary strain in all of our OG CBD oils blends since our business inception in 2017. This has an earthy and peppery taste, very uplifting and calming with sativa dominant terpenes. This is formulated at 1000mg of CBD per 1oz. 

  • Super cute Custom 3x3 420 Sticker designed by us!

  • #humbletastingnotes Card - this whole box is an experience! We love that you’re trying new things and would love to hear your thoughts! We designed a card for you to record your thoughts about each oil blend after you’ve tried it. We also will do a drawing for a $50 Gift Card if you share a picture of your card after you’ve filled it out on social media (publicly either on FB or instagram with the hashtag #humbletastingnotes) at the end of April! 


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Bridgette Reynolds

This is my favorite box so far.I absolutely loved everything about this box. Definitely wish I had more money to get more of these. I wanted to share this box with everyone. Great job on this box!