'Smooth Moves' CBD Intimacy Lube: Various Sizes

'Smooth Moves' CBD Intimacy Lube: Various Sizes

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You guys asked for this for years! I collaborated with herbalist Alexandra Duran from 'Roots to Remedies' to make make herbal infused CBD Intimacy Lube 'Smooth Moves'

2 Sizes Available: 15 ml (200 mg CBD) or 30 ml (400 mg CBD)


Directions for useShake before using. Use for sensual massage or to apply to intimate areas as needed; safe for internal and external use. Do not ingest.

This blend helps increase sensations and pleasure as well as reduce discomfort and pain.

*Not for use with latex condoms

**Do not use while pregnant**


Ingredient Benefits:
- Full Spectrum C🐝D Oil: We pack 200 mg of our high quality full spectrum C🐝D oil into our 15 ml bottles of 'Smooth Moves'. Why add C🐝D into lube? Well, its ability to boost sensitivity during sex, relax vaginal muscles, and amplify sensations during orgasm are just a few reasons! It may also decrease and prevent skin irritation, help with vaginal pain, and help with blood flow and circulation.
- Castor Oil: This is one of the base oils of 'Smooth Moves', and it is a great natural substitute for artificial lubricants that you may find on drug store shelves. Castor oil is also kind to your skin, a natural moisturizer, and can help improve collagen and elastin production. It can also help improve blood circulation which is great for, well, you know 😉
- Cold Pressed Hemp Oil: Hemp oil is another great natural lubricant substitute. It is great for your skin, and a viscous consistency that mimics your body's natural lubrication.
- Apricot Kernel Oil: A deeply nourishing plant-based oil which is again, another great natural lubricant substitute!
- Cold Pressed Coconut Oil: Add personal lubricant to the long list of Coconut Oil's many talents! Safe, natural, and nourishing.
- Aloe Vera Gel: A skin-soothing addition to this natural lubricant blend.
- Non-GMO Vitamin E Oil: Vitamin E oil helps moisturize and soothe skin.
- Red Clover Blossom: This herb helps improve hormonal imbalances, and can mimic the effects of estrogen. It also helps improve circulation, blood flow, and reduces inflammation and irritation of skin.
- Maca Root: Maca Root is known to be an aphrodisiac, and may help to increase sex drive, and decrease sexual dysfunction. It also may increase sperm count, and enhance fertility in men. Amazing how powerful herbs can be!
- Ashwaganda Root: Another aphrodisiac herb which may improve libido, sexual desire, and performance. It also may raise testosterone levels, decrease stress, and increase sperm count.


Ingredients: Castor Oil*, Cold Pressed Hemp Oil* Apricot Kernal Oil*, Cold Pressed Coconut Oil*, Aloe Vera Gel*, Non GMO Vitamin E Oil, (Oil infused with Red Clover Blossom (Trifolium pratense)*, Maca Root (Lepidium meyenii)*, Ashwagandha Root (Withania somnifera)*), Non GMO Vegetable Glycerin, Full Spectrum CBD*.

*Certified Organic Ingredients


These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews

I had high hopes but those stuff left me wanting more. I've tried other CBD lubes which were amazing. This was not in that category.

Joy Nunez
Sticky and didn’t notice a difference

This oil was very sticky feeling. We didn’t notice any difference as far as sensation. I’m not sure if this was just a bad batch or what but it wasn’t as I was expecting.

Ana L.

My partner and I VERY much enjoyed this lube. I find lube to be …. Gross and Sticky. Smooth Moves is anything but! It really enhanced our playtime, my partner was really interested in giving me clitoral stimulation with the intimacy lube, which was a huge win for me. We both love anal, but sometimes I find it painful. I was able to reverse cowgirl that man and went wild like a buck at a rodeo 🤠 I will ALWAYS keep this on my nightstand we love it soooo much! Not to mention the relaxing effects from the cbd, we both just wanted to cuddle after. This just might be your best product!

Deborah Hickey
Smooth Moves

This stuff is the best! I highly recommend it. You need to try it for yourself and you will never use anything else.


Me and husband love to explore new things together. We got this sensual lube to use for Valentine’s Day, but with the reviews posted on the page, we just couldn’t wait any longer. It creates lots of warm lubricating moisture and with so much heightened sensitivity, neither one of us lasted long. And we all know what more moisture means…more pleasure. Don’t wait anymore…Buy it, buy it, buy it!!