Pet CBD Guide


At the Humble Collective we are all pet owners, and we really love our pets and want the best for them. CBD has been shown to be so beneficial in helping pets in many ways (and unlike with humans, pets do not experience placebo effects so you know it’s working). 


What can CBD help your pet with?


Just like with humans, CBD can help with a number of things:


  • Inflammation 
  • Joint and muscle pain 
  • Anxiety and stress 
  • Digestive issues 
  • Seizures 
  • Chronic pain/arthritis
  • Skin conditions (allergies/itchiness)
  • As a daily supplement for improved overall health


Dosing Directions:


A good rule of thumb is 1-5 mg of CBD per 10 lbs of body weight depending on the severity of the symptoms you are treating and your pet’s metabolism.


For mild symptoms or daily wellness: 1-2 mg of CBD/10 lbs of body weight.

For medium symptoms: 2-4 mg of CBD/10 lbs

For severe symptoms: 4-5+ mg of CBD/10 lbs


CBD works best in the body taken 1-2 times daily. But, you can always give your pet a dose half an hour before a stressful situation/or if they are experiencing extreme symptoms. 


What is it made of?

Our Pet Oil is made from the same incredibly high quality and organic full spectrum hemp extract that our Humble Collective Full Spectrum CBD Oil is made from - and this quality directly affects the efficacy of our final product for your pets. 


How strong is the Pet CBD Oil?

Each bottle of our Humble Collective Pet CBD Oil contains 250 mg of full spectrum CBD. 

  • Each dropper full (or 1 ml) contains approx. 8.3 mg of CBD
  • .5 ml = 4 mg CBD
  • .25 ml = 2 mg CBD


How do I give it to them?

You can give your pets their CBD in their food, on a treat, or directly in their mouth (some pet’s just love it!).